MIRISim Released

The MIRI software team is pleased to announce the public release of the MIRI Simulator software package, MIRISim (April 9, 2018).

MIRISim has been built, in Python, to simulate the optical path through MIRIM, the MIRI Imager, and both the Low and Medium Resolution Spectrometers (LRS and MRS, respectively).

It takes as input either a user defined ‘scene’ or a FITS file, and simulates an observation based on user defined Imager filters or MRS channels, and exposure parameters (number of groups, integrations, etc). The results are JWST ‘level 1B’ data which are suitable for processing with the JWST pipeline. The data produced by MIRISim is consistent with the MIRI sensitivity model, but should not be used as a replacement for the JWST Exposure Time Calculator (ETC).
  • The download instructions are available at the MIRISim
  • MIRISim is available on an as-is, best-effort basis, and information about MIRISim and example use cases.
  • The MICE team has released a description of MIRISim

A Userguide with some exemples

The current version is Python 2.7 based, with a planned update to Python 3 coming soon. To be kept up to date with MIRISim developments, including announcements of new releases, please sign up to the announcement list.